Monday, December 19, 2011

Chrismoose party

This year's holiday party theme was introduced with the invitation. I hand-colored "Chris", moose, and delivered when possible and emailed when not. The theme was first imagined 3 years ago on a trip to Maine where we visited a 1700lb life-sized moose made of chocolate. pic of Lenny
There I bought cookie cutters and a plush Chocolate Moose.  My moose collection had grown since (9 now) , living in the attic awaiting its debut.

The menu followed the theme with
                 stuffed mooserooms and
                                    moosetard chicken.

         deviled moose there such a thing? 
                 I'm not sure but I see antlers!

                   Labels were created to identify items, 
                            even at the bar

 My version of a mudslide served with the caveat 
 "goes down fast and you could be injured"

Apricot nectar, amaretto and rum

                         Guests got in the spirit 
                                      wearing antlers on                                                            their heads 

and I, eventually, resorted to them on my feet.  

The dessert table featured chocolate moose,
           moose droppings 
                        and moose cookies.  


       Guests left with their favor bags  
            (a box of chocolate covered mint patties).

To all and to all, a good night

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