Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black and White luncheon

Guests were greeted by a black and white motto
Appetizers underway

First course

Quiche, salad and popovers

Too busy chatting to pose

Beverage station

What's left of the cupcake tree
Black and white favor bag included slate, scroll and candy stick

Black and White luncheon

Black and white decor won't be difficult. White plates, my stock in trade, on black tablecloths will be accented by white bud vases. Flowers will provide a hint of color. Bands of black and white pattern from the invitation paper will create napkin rings.  Buzz:  I cut circles from cardboard tubes for a supportive base.  A fun, finishing touch will be guests' names spelled out with alphabet beads strung on a pipe cleaner, circling the stem of each glass.  These will serve as placecards.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


starts with        INSPIRATION
followed by an  INVITATION
which requires  PREPARATION
and ends with   APPRECIATION

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Table setting primer

When setting a table, keep in mind odd and even and left and right.  The items to the left (4 letters) of the plate have an even number of letters - fork (4) and napkin (6).  To the right (5 letters) are the glass (5), knife (5) and spoon (5), items with an odd number of letters.