Thursday, January 17, 2013

Women's Wine or Whine Party

Earlier posts gave you some details, such as the invitation, menu, favor, etc.  But the party is the guests. Each year I include a new guest to the mix of old friends.  Being the winter some have gone south; some are ill and so we are able to squeeze the rest into my little nest.  2013 welcomed Jean, a sharp dressed as well as sharp tongued gal.  Her rapier wit broke us up a few times.  The surprise guest, however, was my sister who has been to my home just 3 times in 12 years.  (That's because she graciously hosts me for all holidays in her home).  After my jaw dropped and my tongue tied, I was delighted to meld her into the group.  
In the past we've tried a few 'getting to know you' activities, such as two truths and a lie. This year guests drew slips of paper on which phrases like, "my worst fault is ____", "I'm happy when I ____" and had to fill in the blanks.  Some were more revealing than others.  (Dancing with the stars seems to have inspired more than one.)  The camaraderie  and support of my female friends has me looking forward to WWW 2014.

Women's Wine or Whine Party

2013-01-18 13.51.26.jpg  Souvenirs from past WW&W parties

This year's favor   2013-01-18 12.41.52.jpg

More decor  2013-01-18 12.30.47.jpg2013-01-18 12.26.47.jpgCenterpiece

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Women's Wine or Whine Party

Along with wine, lots of wine, my guests enjoyed appetizers all evening.  Kitty's baked brie was a perennial hit as was a new offering of Nancy's chutney cheese.  I made a cream cheese, shrimp and toasted coconut with curry spread.  Tasty. 
The buffett table was set with bacon quiche bites, pigs in a blanket, eggplant poppers, crudites with ranch dip, and mini chicken pot pies.

We ended the evening with Chocolat Rouge wine and Aunt Cybil's chocolate cake that Candace made (Mmmm), strawberries with whipped cream and brown sugar and there was always room for Jello. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Procrastinator's New Year

Today is Procrastinator's New Year. If you are a procrastinator, you should be getting around to celebrating the New Year today.  Or tomorrow. No hurry.  ;-)  I'm just getting around to letting you know about my 17th annual Women's Wine or Whine Party.   The invitation was by email with the first message labeled 

                                                     My Holiday Workout

The second read

Having followed my Holiday Workout,
you are now flexed and fit for
Womens' Wine or Whine Party 2013
Sunday Jan. 13 6-9 pm
Per custom, please bring the gift you received
but didn't want in a brown paper bag for a swap.
RSVP by 1/10 to 477-6310


Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 parties

This year brings many occasions for traditional and offbeat parties.  While not a traditional party, this event has become a tradition for me. Since 1996, friends have gathered for my Women's Wine or Whine party so named depending on whether we are celebrating or commiserating after the holidays.  It is an evening of raising our glasses and raising our spirits.  New friends, old friends get together and laugh and cry and appreciate the bonds we've created over 17 years now.  Stay tuned for party details.