Saturday, June 18, 2011

International Picnic Day

How to pack a picnic basket:  Backwards! 
Put in last what you'll need first.  In the bottom of your basket or tote, place a bag for trash.  Then, smaller bags to bring home the dirty dishes unless using disposables.  Next a cutting board and knife if bringing bread and cheese.  Then plates and wrap your flatware and serving utensils in your napkins.  Now layer your food items. Sandwiches or fried chicken, whatever, packaged in plastic bags so less to carry home or discard.  Salad, also in a plastic bag, is last so it stays crisp next to the ice. Top with a zip loc bag filled with ice cubes.
These will be used to chill your drinks and when melted will wash sticky hands.  Wrap in foil and paper towels ( again, for cleanup and leftovers).  Next are snacks and drinks and glasses.  You can package cocktails in zip loc bags and there will be one less container to bring back.  Chill or partial freeze first.  Don't forget a corkscrew unless you have wine in a screw-top bottle.  This is an appropriate time for the bag of wine in the box.  Lastly, cover with tablecloth or blanket.  These are essentials  but your picnic is made even more enjoyable with the addition of pillows, sunscreen, citronella candles and music.  Your picnic can be fun - bring the frisbees or romantic - bring the book of sonnets. 

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