Thursday, June 7, 2012


In this 'phone' age, it's nice to receive an invitation in the mail.  Anticipation for a fun atmosphere at your party is created with an eye-catching invite.  Mine are handmade with no apologies for my cutting or coloring skills (or lack thereof).  I feel the attempt speaks to my sincerity.  However, that said, the laborious nature in making them often derails my good intentions.  Sometimes, by the time I conceive of a party idea and its accompanying invitation, time has progressed close to the event.  Case in point: last month's Cinco de Mayo.  The week preceding was heavily scheduled and it wasn't until Monday that the idea of a party was suggested.  Tuesday I emailed a 'Save the Date', planning on hand-delivering invitations on Wednesday and Thursday.  Alas, some invitees had already made plans which is to be expected.  (Buzz:  have a backup list to fill your optimum guest limit).  So I will try to set forth and abide by the following Party Principle:  send invitations 2 weeks prior to event.  This lead time is sufficient for most parties but a more significant event (shower, birthday celebration, etc.) necessitates more advance notice.

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