Saturday, November 17, 2012

Autumn Moon Festival

Just came across this post that never got published...

This party had a simple table to set
Placemats from the local Chinese restaurant and lotus bowls for the first course, hot sour soup....a few Chinese symbol decals and a low centerpiece that reflected the theme of autumn and moon light.  A gold table cloth glowed against the white plates and the heaping serving dishes

This party had easy menu to execute:  appetizers all came from the restaurant and were served on a round lazy Susan (who, me?) on the cocktail table in the living room.  Our specialty drink of the evening was a Double Happiness, a mixture of two rums, apricot brandy and fruit juices.  The meal was prepared by me and the beef and broccoli as well as the cashew chicken stirfry were well received accompanied by my house fried rice.  The hit of the evening was Candy's contribution of Peking (pecan) pie.  That and pineapple chunks, almond cake with coconut ice cream finished the dinner.  No evening of Chinese food is complete without the fortune cookie.  Mine predicted  
                                     A whole different party

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