Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February celebrations

February is American Heart, Black History, and International Friendship Month.  Also, National  Cherry, Embroidery, Grapefruit and Snack Food Month.  We also celebrate the anniversary of the patent for the bottle cap, the day Monopoly first went on sale, Yellowstone becoming the world's first National Park, the founding of the Boy Scouts and the debut of Mr. Roger's neighborhood.  Birthday parties are in store for Elmo, Levi Strauss (Inventor of jeans - now that's a reason to party!) Longfellow, and Babe Ruth.  Chocolate reigns this month with World Nutella Day, the anniversary of the founding of Hershey's, and Valentine's Day. While there is an actual No Brainer Day, it isn't difficult to figure on a party for Leap Day as February 29th only occurs once every 4 years, and that's a long time to wait for this party. There is a day set aside for Random Acts of Kindness but this shouldn't need a special day but be a daily practice. 

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