Monday, February 27, 2012


This party person ate my way through New York City this weekend. Saturday afternoon was spent at this expo.  (more on this in another post).

When through I was ready for a beverage of a different variety and headed to  Dylan's Candy Bar ( a virtual explosion of color and sugar) as I had read of the addition of a bar which featured drinks based on candy:  Pop Rocks Explosion, Grape Nerds Crush, Pink Cotton Candy  ... but the atmosphere was too busy and loud for enjoyment. After a shift of 180 degrees in ambience, we sipped cocktails at Le Cirque with photos of notables looking over our shoulders.  The 27 foot wine tower with 20,000 vintages was impressive.

 Dinner followed at Desmond's.  The British are not known as gastronomes but this menu disproved that.  My entree of seared scallops and 8 hour braised oxtails over a cauliflower puree was delicious.

 From this decorous scene we moved on to TAO with techno music and fun people watching. 

From these forays, I garnered ideas
            to use at future parties.

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