Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blue Dish Dinner Party Plan & Timeline

3. Plan menu and theme requirements
On Tuesday, 6 for dinner confirmed and your theme is 'ocean blue'.  A themed table setting will depend on items you have on hand or are willing to purchase.  A white cloth, your new blue dishes, white napkins, and a scattering of sea glass and shells are all that's required.  Or...add a draped fishnet, clear glasss vases with blue water, glass fish... The setting is as elaborate as your budget allows.  Party ideas have a wide price range.

Your theme should be reinforced as soon as your guests arrive.  A signature cocktail will do the trick as well as a few coordinating accessories.  A Blue Hawaii or version thereof with blue cocktail napkins and a seafood appetizer or an appetizer served on a shell carry on the theme.  Ocean themed food is appropriate.
Shrimp cocktail or lobster bisque
mixed greens salad      rolls/herbed butter
Salmon fillets or seared scallops
Potato gratin    Green beans
Dessert can reinforce the theme  as well.
Easy idea:  Blue jello with gummy fish or madeleines (shell shaped cookies)
Elaborate idea:  Bakery  cake decorated with white chocolate shells and starfish

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