Monday, March 14, 2011

So you're going to have a party...

The jumping off point could be a date (May 5-Cinco de Mayo), an occasion (Barbie & Ken's 15th anniversary), a person (Tom's in town and he'd enjoy getting together with Dick & Harry), or an event (Homegoods had a sale on blue plates; you bought 6 since they reminded you of the ocean; have a sea-themed dinner!)

Today we'll celebrate a great shopping trip, that is, the purchase of the marked-down blue dishes.

Dinner Party Plan:
1.  Determine date, time, and guest list.
2.  Send out invitations.
3.  Plan menu and theme requirements.
4.  Shop for ingredients, decor, and favors.
5.  Set table and prepare food.
6.  Dine and have a good time.

Note:  I never said 'cook'.  You can throw a great party with help from the grocery store.


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