Monday, March 14, 2011

Why party? Why not?

There doesn't have to be a life occasion or achievement to honor.  You can celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day, the winter/summer solstices, the anniversary of the Eiffel Tower or Elvis' birthday....the list goes on.

Name a person, place or thing and I can design a party around it.  For example, the month of March 2011 offers National Pig Day, Dr. Seuss' birthday, Mardi Gras, Barbie's birthday, the Ides, St. Patrick's Day, First Day of Spring, Greek Independence Day, the anniversary of the invention of Coca- Cola.   Lots of choices.


  1. LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!...what you've created! Can hardly wait for your next posting!

  2. Thank you. Please stay posted :)