Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fish Tales

Americans eat about 16 lbs. of fish per person annually (4.5 of that is canned tuna) while the Japanese eat 53!  Half the fish consumed is eaten in restaurants.  Why? since fish is low in fat, high in protein and easy to prepare.
Let's give this fish tale a happy ending by upping our quota and cooking it at home.  To this end, I shop at Trader Joe's.  There you find frozen ahi, tilapia, salmon, etc.  All lend themselves to a fast, simple and satisfying meal.  Thaw, toss in the pan, quick sear and then dress with lemon, tartar sauce, or a fruit salsa.  Let's make our next meal 'fish' and let it not be 'the one that got away'.  Try this tilapia from Thanks, Flo.

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