Sunday, August 28, 2011

Say Cheese

No, I'm not taking your photo but talking about the dairy product - cheese.  I always have it on hand and in several forms (soft, block and wedge).  If unexpected guests arrive, you can put out crackers and a classic cheese plate of Boursin, a cheddar and a blue.  Buzz: We're not trying to compete with Andrew Jackson who provided his guests with a wheel of cheddar weighing 1400 pounds.  It was consumed in 2 hours!

If not required for a cheese service, individually these varieties work in a number of ways.  Boursin is delicious spread on a toasted bagel or stuffed in a chicken breast.  Shredded cheddar is great in casseroles, for melting on appetizers or vegetables, and for creating an omelet.  Blue crumbles are delicious sprinkled on a salad, a baked potato, or a steak.  Buzz:  There are 670 cheeses to check out on  Try something new from your grocery store today.

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