Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer entertaining

Ding dong!  The doorbell rings and there are Jim and Nancy from 'down the street' but down the street 8 years ago and now they're "in the neighborhood"  Barring another appointment that had you headed out the door momentarily, you ask them in.  Or you can say you have somewhere else to be and make a date for later to 'catch up'.  (Don't forget that you then must leave the house!)  If they're invited in, don't stress.  You've read the Party Bee posts and have made a plan .  (Buzz:  To bee-prepared always have ice in the freezer and you won't have to keep a variety of drinks chilled).  Head to the refrigerator where a container of tea awaits;  Pour in a pretty glass, then pop in one of your prepared lemon ice cubes.  Unmold a package of Alouette (a fridge staple) on a pretty plate (Buzz: place a fresh leaf underneath for elegant presentation) and add some crackers.  Sliced cheese works just as well.  Now enjoy your guests

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