Friday, April 8, 2011

April showers tea party

Arriving home from school at 2:30 doesn't leave much time to prepare for tea at 3:00.  Since this will be a light  tea there isn't much to do but pay attention to details.  A full afternoon tea with sandwiches and scones would need much more lead time.  The menu will include a black and a fruit tea.  I like to offer a bread, a cake and a cookie; in this case, date nut bread, petit fours, and macaroons.

On Thursday, buy flowers and lemon.  Also, the pastries, if not baking.  If baking, prepare the bread, cake, and macaroons.  Make butter spread.   Set table.

On Friday, slice lemon, pour milk.  Plate sweets. Cue music. If truly a rainy day, light candles. Enjoy!

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