Friday, April 29, 2011

the first of May

May Day tradition calls for fresh flowers in a paper cone left on someone's doorstep anonymously.  (This image was found online and I couldn't resist.)  Actually, I use mini plastic baskets that I purchase after Easter when reduced 50%.  These are filled with chocolates, travel size toiletries, mini lip glosses, whatever novelties I've collected throughout the year.  Once I found lovely compacts that had been substantially marked down.  The contents are dictated by your budget.  A few hand-picked flowers and a handwritten note or poem bring as much joy.


  1. Susan, i LOVE this idea!
    Keep up the great work, it is great fun!
    - dolores

  2. Susan,
    Thank you for your wonderful info. I'm excited that I'm finally in! I tried to respond on your first day, but was swallowed by a big black computer hole. You write as well as you entertain. Congratulations on your fun blog.